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Success Comes By Work & Not By Wishing!

Success 1080x675 - Success Comes By Work & Not By Wishing!


You can never get anything out of life than what you have put into it. As nothing develops and materialize into success without work.

Success is actualize through work. Work is the seed that must be sown to harvest the precious fruit called success; as every reaping is preceded by sowing. Every pleasure is preceded by labour.

Even though our Nation’s economy have not given you the opportunity to be gainfully employed; your success is not tied to the government but to your arms and the inherent potentials in you yarning for expression.

Work is the avenue for physical, social, and mental development that will enhance the profitability of your potentials and invariably enhance your worth as an individual. Until you begin to work, you really never know what you can do. Until you begin to work, you really never know your capabilities. Until you begin to work, you really never know the potentials inherent in you nor be able to unlock them.

Your worth in life is determined by how much of your potentials you are willing to release through hard work. Thus, idleness will hamper your creativity to maximize your potentials.

A wise man said, “Too much rest, leads to rust. Inactivity results in flabby muscles, extra fat, weak heart, poor circulation, shortness of breath, weakness of bones, tendons and ligaments.” All these are physiological symptoms of death. Idleness is a pathway to death, if not checkmated.

God never placed you on the Earth as a liability nor as a mercenary in the hands of politicians nor an instrument of chaos in the hands of the Devil; but an entity of productivity and worth, that can only be exhibited through work.

Embrace work today & become an envy tomorrow!

Updated: August 2, 2018 — 9:01 pm

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