Masters Scholarship to Study in Germany: How to Enroll from your Country

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Here is a post which is set to give you the complete information on how to enroll for the German Masters Scholarship from your country, whether Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, India and others, this post is set to help you.

In this article, we are going to be giving you information on the reason why you should opt in for a German Masters Degreee Scholarship program, we are going to give you the list of some popular German Masters Degree Scholarships, we would give you the step by step guide on how to apply for the German Masters Degree Scholarships, and finally give youu details on the eligibility for the Germany Masters Degree Scholarship. Here we go.

Why you should opt in for Germany Masters Degree scholarships as a foreigner

Germany provides some of the cheapest forms of education in the world, and the international reputation is something worthy of note for every foreigner seeking a country to have his/her masters degree.

Many of the universities in Germany are world class universities and they provide some of the best educations, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Many of their programs are also taught in English, making the country the perfect place for students from English-speaking countries, including Nigeria.

Some of these scholarships are awarded by the German government and there are some awarded by the various universities where these courses will be studied. On the other hand, private organizations that are neither linked to the government or the universities also provide scholarships.

Some popular German Masters scholarships

  • DAAD scholarships: The scholarship is offered by German Academic Exchange Services. They offer many scholarships for both undergraduate and post graduate studies. They are among the most popular in Germany. Their scholarships cover for both local and international students from all countries of the world, including Nigeria.
  • Erasmus: They are actually the largest organization providing scholarship in the European Union. The body is led by the European Commission. They are concerned with funding international students who are interested in studying in Europe at any level of study, be it undergraduate or postgraduate. They give the student grants that will cover living costs.
  • Heinrich boll scholarships for international students: They provide scholarship opportunities for both Master’s and PhD students that are willing to study in Germany. It is a non-government scholarship and the student must show evidence of admission into that university before he/she is considered for the scholarship.
  • Kurt Hansen Science scholarships: The scholarship is funded by Bayer Foundation. It is open to any student desiring to become an educator in any science-related field.
  • Mawista scholarship: If you have a child and you still want to further your master’s degree in Germany, this scholarship is for you. It covers your expenses and those of your baby. Nursing mothers or single mothers can take advantage of this scholarship.
  • Deutschland Stipendium: This scholarship is especially merit based; that is, it is given to Master’s degree students that are highly talented. The scholarship involves award of 300 euro every month. The scholarship award is not affected by your personal income status or your nationality.
  • DRD scholarships for sub-Saharan Africans: This scholarship is merit-based. It is only for students from developing counties in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. You are qualified for the scholarship if you want to pursue master’s degree in development management. The scholarship is opened to students planning to study at Ruhr-University Bochum. The program is twinned with UWC in South Africa.
  • GeT MA scholarships for International Students: The scholarship is for non-German students who desire to study at Humboldt-University zu Berlin, provided the master’s degree is related to social sciences.

How to apply for German Masters Degree Scholarship

First find out if the scholarship is for undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

Many of the scholarships available to international students in Germany are actually made available for both undergraduate and post graduate students.

There are however some that are specific to either. Some are even limited only to doctoral studies. Makes sure about this before you apply for any of the scholarships. You can learn more about the scholarships on the scholarship website.

Furthermore, find out if the scholarship covers your area of study. Some scholarships only cover the field of sciences, while some other ones cover other aspects. There are however some scholarships that cover all fields of studies.

Find out also the extent of cover; that is, if the finances cover your thesis, supplementary and preparatory study courses, summer courses, internships, study projects and the likes. Does it cover only tuition fees? Or does it cover accommodation, clothing and feeding?

Make sure you are fully aware of this before you register for the scholarship.
You must make sure the scholarship covers prospective students from non-German speaking countries, including Nigeria.

Additionally, find out about the eligibility for the scholarship. What are the criteria for registration? Do you meet with these criteria? It is important to find out about the duration of the said scholarship. Some scholarships can last for 12 months, while some other ones can last for up to 24 months.

Eligibility for German Masters Degree Scholarship

Basically, students aspiring to benefit from the scholarships are expected to have graduated from recognized university. You will be required to provide evidence of this while registering for the scholarship program.

Some scholarship awarding institutions insist on the student graduating with degree in the Second Class Upper Division in order for the individual to benefit from the scholarship. There are however some other organizations that do not place such restrictions on students.

Find out about what the scholarship entails before you apply. Students that have not completed their undergraduate programs may not apply for the scholarships

If you are successful at the end of the day, you may be required to reside in particular parts of Germany covered by the scholarship. This does not happen in all cases though. The number of students that can benefit from the scholarship does differ, depending on the particular type of scholarship. Your chances are brighter if the number accepted is higher.

Application for most of the scholarships is usually online. This makes application very easy. All documents to be included can also be attached online. A number of documents are required by many of these scholarship awarding organizations. Some of these documents will be highlighted below

  • Provide a cover letter
  • Make your CV available too
  • Write a 1-page abstract of your dissertation
  • Provide a scan of all your academic degree certificates as well as your university grade transcript.
  • You should also provide statement on your knowledge about various research methods.

Each of the scholarship has its specific deadline. Find out about this and submit your application online before such deadline.

That puts an end to this post “Masters Scholarship to Study in Germany: How to Enroll from your Country.” If you have any queries, use the comment box below.

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